June 24, 2009


Today made me think about my friends for a lot of reasons.  We miss you, David.

So, I’ve already admitted here that I *heart* Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, or considered, you know, a good movie.  But I can’t help my love for it.  You can not believe my delight when this week I was told on This American Life that Peter Sagal (host of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me) has story credit for the movie.  It was from a movie (his only one) that he was commissioned to right about intersecting stories of Cuban Revolutionaries and the girl that love one of them.  He got the note to make the story more “like Dirty Dancing.”  The movie never got made.  Until someone had an idea to make a Dirty Dancing sequel and they remembered his script.

It’s kind of like discovering that my two friends already know each other.

Anyway… Erin is a nerd, with dubious taste in movies.

You can listen to the episode here. And I do take offense to calling it “one of the worst movie sequels ever made.”

About Erin: June 2009

June 23, 2009

this must be the place

You found me.  I’m Erin, owner of this year old blog, and reluctant autobiographer.  I say that mainly because I hope my posts, and my categories and stuff will speak for themselves.  But I am realistic to know that some people just want a little synopsis, because I look for them too. You know… “Why is she talking about that?”

The defining feature in my life is my relationship with Jesus.  That sounds trite.  But I say it first because my hope is that it will affect everything else.  And living out my faith makes me look weird sometimes.  I try to own it.

I work and worship along side a great group, called United Methodists.  We have our strengths and flaws.  I choose to be a leader in the church, locally and broadly, through engagement, service, and lending my voice.  There is really a dirth of committed lay leaders of my age group, and I hope others will take a stand.

I live in Tallahassee, Florida because I came here for graduate school in developmental psychology, with an emphasis in educational psychology and particularly reading.  While there I learned that I really am a science geek.  I learned a lot about what I am very good at and a lot about some pretty big weaknesses that I have.  I’ve been out of school for 18 months… without completing my degrees.  It’s an area where I could use some clarity myself.

I spent 12 months unemployed and have been working at a mental health center for over 6 months now.  My job is way boring, but it causes me no stress, a welcome condition after grad school and joblessness.

I spend my off time, and a good amount of my down time at work, as a media consumer.  It’s maybe a bit out of hand the number of blogs I read, podcasts I listen to, TV shows I watch, and books I own. But most enjoyable is my theater habit.  I know more than I ought to about New York shows, and spend ridiculous stretches of time working for free in community theater.

This must be… what comes next.  Stay tuned.


It’s Today!!!

June 22, 2009

Happy one year anniversary WordPress blog!  In honor of the occasion, I’ve started an “About me” page… it’s about time. Check it out.

I don’t like ‘night Mother because it’s long and capital D depressing. And for me it put the proof to that fact that I was never going to be a genuine good actress, performer sure, but not an actress.  So besides the ideal circumstances of the venue, the scale, and my job, I got over my dislike for the show because unless you are a high school teacher, directors don’t get to pick their shows.  So that’s that.  You have to take the opportunities that come. If you wait around for the board to pick just the right thing you may be waiting forever.

Another proposal

June 19, 2009

I think that I’m a glutton for punishment, because I put in an application to direct at TLT again this year. I really didn’t do much on the getting experience front because, you know I was feeling that generous to them, and they never followed through on, well, anything. And I’m here to report that that trend has not come to an end. I requested access to the scripts for the season and somehow they were all gone, so then I was going to have them emailed to me. Well today, one month after proposals were due, I still haven’t any scripts besides the one that I decided to go and get from the library myself.

Enough whining.

So I decided to do a proposal for (shhhh don’t tell the committee) one of my least favorite shows, ‘night Mother. But the confluence of circumstances made this show one that I was actually likely to get a shot at. First it’s being produced in the “Coffee House” i.e. lobby. That means smaller scale and smaller budget. The show itself has very few technical elements, a unit set, a semi-modern setting and a cast of two. I think that means that they will be less nervous to have a novice at the helm. And besides that I have performed in a scene from the show, and I work in mental health. So that seemed to work because I had an interview on Wednesday, one step further than last year when I just got a no thank you call. The interview went well, I felt very prepared. And it was pretty fun to just talk about my plans, my understanding of the show, the challenges that I saw. I was little surprised that they didn’t ask me more esoteric questions, like “how do you view your role as a director”, or my favorite from district talk backs for student directed scenes, when two years in a row I got asked “what were you going for in this scene?” Instead they talked specifics of my draft scenic design and what I would look for in auditions, and how I would get a stage manager, mainly very practical things. At the end they asked if there was anything else that I’d like to share. I’m still a bit conflicted about if this was the right thing to say, and I felt nervous and looked at the ground a bit too much I think. But I told them that I hoped that my lack of experience would not be the final deciding factor, I of course elaborated a bit about how I was prepared and I think that this was the right next step. I just hope I didn’t come off desperate. I took up my whole 30 minutes allotted, and hey I would pick me. We’ll see, I’m supposed to be getting an email any day now.

To do works of justice, Lord grant us courage.

To see hurt in the world and respond from love and disappointment, Lord grant us open eyes and soft hearts.

To accomplish small tasks that seem unnoticed and large tasks that earn acclaim, Lord grant us patience.

To earn the trust and respect of our communities, Lord grant us wisdom.

To recognize the vision of youth and the experience of age, Lord grant us humility.

To hear your voice of guidance, Lord grant us quiet.

And in the quiet we will gather strength for the work to come.

We will know that you have equipped us to serve your world, to love your people.

Father , you have given us big dreams; help us rise to meet them…

To lead passionately, to challenge boldly, to give deeply, to work tirelessly, and to love unconditionally

Love like you, Jesus.


I Tivoed the Tonys and watched them live at a house party with a bunch of my community theatre friends.  This was definitely the right thing to do, I laughed so much.  And I got to completely geek out on my useless theatre trivia. Who else would appreciate it? 


  1. Is that Bret Micheals on the Tony Awards? Then him getting taken out by the flys.
  2. The best supporting actor in a play bringing his wife on stage with him and her almost  falling out of her dress.
  3. Frank Langella is seriously bitter.
  4. Alice Ripley’s dramatic reading of the Kennedy Center sign.
  5. The Billy Elliot performance that was about the only time when the room got quiet.
  6. Counting the number of crew that got caught in a shot, and the number of people who will be loosing there jobs due to the horrendous sound issues.
  7. Picking your favorite Frankie Vallie.
  8. The three Billy’s acceptance speech. So cute.
  9. The guy standing behind the producer accepting for Hair, who’s every thought came flying across his face.
  10. And finally… best moment of the show had to be Neil’s 11:03 number. Brilliant.

Check out my friend Tyler on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Love the Lion King T-shirt.  I think that this was his senior trip.  Not bad, huh?

April 24- May 3 Sound of Music

The rest of the run of the show went off with relatively little incident. Thankfully. Things got in a grove and were able to anticipate the problems that would come up. One of our Gretls had the urge to wave at her friends in the crowd, one Kurt decided he needed to ham it up and would add different line readings, longer exasperated sighs, and bigger facial expressions every time he was on stage, and the other Kurt would get a wild hair and do things like kicking the Nazis and grabbing people’s hats. Oh, kids.

The only other thing of note was the night when the computer running the light board froze. That cause the lighting for one scene to stay up through the scene change that was supposed to be in black out, and caused a black out in the middle of another scene. Our Marta was already doing a potty dance, so when that happened I told her she could go to take care of it, and she almost missed her entrance when the lights came up again, three minutes later. And for our last weekend I had to donate my black socks to the cause, when “wild hair” Kurt lost his. He offered to give them back to me, but I said no thanks.

Nights, we’d go out with the grownups, and talk about the kid’s antics and the crushes our middle school nuns had on the college boys. I love theatre because it takes all kinds.

The day we closed was strike, of course. I think that I had the most fun tearing down the mountains, and the least fun making the sixth and final pass through the boy’s dressing room. I think 15 people took a pass at it and it was still a wreck when we were closing up to go to the cast party.

Our stage manager (loosely termed…nice guy, little short on the organization and leadership skills) hosted the cast party, which was a stand up thing to do, but made him miss strike, a primary stage manager duty. I gave all my kids a few others “cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, door bells and sleigh bells” for a little present (a paintable plaster pony, an apple with a strudel recipe and a jingle bell.) We took advantage of our double casting and had a red verses blue field day. I abstained (how could I choose?) and instead got to hold Jessica’s (our Maria) baby during the events. Tommy was 10 weeks old at auditions… that is one brave woman. He’s such a button and only wanted to be held against your shoulder for maximum shirt drooling and earring pulling.


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