My spiritual gift is knowledge.  Sound’s good, right?  But wait just one minute.  In my youth spiritual gifts inventory they gave it a new name, “Studying the Bible.”  And I think I know why… because knowledge ≠wisdom.  It’s easily confused, you see.  But when you look at me you will see the lots of knowledge, not so much wisdom.  Lots of butting in and sounding off, not a lot of think it through and ponder the outcome.  It get’s me in trouble at work, at the theatre, well basically wherever.  It’s the thing that caused me to spend 2-3 fraught days working on month-long assignments and still getting passing grades. Smart but not wise.

I guess sometimes gifts are challenging.  Like a puzzle, or a computer game, or an art set.  And sometimes those are the best gifts. It just takes some work and perseverance.

You know the kind at the theme parks, sweet, yet definitely camp fire.

Good Stuff Eatery Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

The Anti-Triangle Hair

December 19, 2009

My own Ouidad cut, from the salon in Maryland. Still a little frizzy, probably thanks to the nonstop rain. Overall grade B.  Not the life changing experience others have had, but pretty.  And I kind of wish I’d left it a little longer.

Visiting Molly

December 19, 2009

Since I’ve been in a picture-y kind of mood, I thought I share my photos from my trip to see Molly in DC about a month ago.

Oh lovely... It looks like I have a comb-over. Rainy and cold. And this was the better picture.

DC landmarks made of organic materials at the Botanical Gardens.

Scary eyes, scary hair

Did you know that everything in this picture is a prehistoric plant? Well except Molly... and the sign.

Mobile Cupcakes. Just before he caught us taking the picture and ran over to talk to us. No cupcakes today thanks. My feet hurt and I ate a Disney smoke milkshake two hours ago.

Washington Monument and Joe Biden's House

Where are you Darth Vader?

More on my DC photo album.

The Christmas Details

December 17, 2009

Full size images can be found here on my Christmas album.

This ornament is new this year. Love came down at Christmas and all of that. Plus it’s a Josh song.  The drop ornament to the right is volcanic glass that I bought at the museum store the first time it put everything on sale for 90 percent off.  That time it was to replace the carpet.  Last time they went out of business.

Snowflake Floating Candle, it’s sparkly.

My shelf of pencil sharpeners with my smallest nativity on top. Each one is different.  I inherited these from my great grandma, because I used to love to look at them when I was little.  And I’ve added a few of my own over the years.

My favorite nativity, each piece has a bible verse on it.  Like Mary says “my soul will Magnify the Lord.”  And Jesus says “he will called Emmanuel.”  And it’s sparkly. And I got it on Ebay so it was really a great deal.

The ornaments hanging from my chandelier are new this year.
My grandma made the pepper- mint pillow for me. So cute.

This is new too. I have grass that normally lives in the vases. But I got some coordinating sparkly purple poinsettias and a peppermint ribbon.

My Christmas House

December 15, 2009

From Christmas