Yellow for Spring

April 20, 2010

Here’s my Easter dress.  I cheated and wore it again the next Sunday for confirmation, not to the same church.  I got more compliments on it than I’ve got on any outfit in a long time.  Though this is not me in it.  I have no pictures.  Though they may exist out there as  I was the unfortunate subject of the “Here’s people getting food off the brunch buffet” photo session.  And I doubt that will be flattering, pretty dress or no.

I think that it is very me.

I brought cupcakes for the confirmands.  Prepare to be awed.  I spent so much time slaving on them.

True cupcake confession:  These are Walmart cupcakes with Veggie Tale “Peep-like” marshmallows stuck on them.  It was hard work, but anything for the kids.

We had our monthly United Methodist Women’s Circle meeting tonight.  We went to the Mexican joint.  I decided to just order some guacamole because if I’m blowing my calorie goals I want to do it on something that I really like.  So chips and guac for me.

Well Tamara said to me, “I never see you eat anything.”  RIGHT!  That’s me never eating anything.  Except my weight in tortilla chips.  And enough tea sandwiches to make me sick.  And more than my fair share of spinach puffs.  And that’s just when I was with Tamara.

So my weight loss/conscience eating have lead to two things (well besides the, you know, weight loss.)  One,  I spend a lot of time thinking about, planning for, dealing with, feeling guilty about, and generally obsessing over food.  I can quote calorie count to you.  It feels a little over kill.  But that’s the way it has to be.  But on the plus side, I’m saving some money.  Turns out when you need less food it costs less money.  Shocking I know.  So besides my eating small amounts when I go out I also look like a cheap skate.

But I’m ok with that.  I’m cheap… even at my fattest.  Now I’m just a bit lighter.

Confirmation 2010

April 17, 2010

The ceremony was lovely and uncomplicated this year.  I got to read the kids’ names again this year.  Maybe a part of it was that I only went to about 4 sessions of a reduced number anyway.  Plus the retreat, which was great fun.  Here’s some shots from the ropes course.

They are singing I’m a little teapot.

They are a fun group.  Most of them told me that the word games I brought were there favorite part.  No wonder I like them.

A stick

April 16, 2010

Did I tell you that a tree fell on my car?  It was luckily just the bushy part and quite early in the day on a residential street so no wrecks ensued.  Look a stick….Wait!  Cars don’t grow branches.

That’s not a stick.

I rescued him…

He’ll probably grow up to be a huge furry moth.

Shoe Therapy

April 15, 2010

When you can’t get the hobby table you want….

I have been in the market for a new craft storage solution.  I found it… for 1,200 dollars!?!

Theatre Rollercoaster

April 13, 2010

A year ago we were just about to open The Sound of Music, and Quincy Music Theatre was just announcing their new season.  And my friend Nick got selected to direct a show, the one that’s opening in two weeks, Meet Me in St.Louis. So when I got a voice mail from Karla asking me to call her back to “discuss a matter” it really got my wheels turning.  You see Karla is a QMT board member.  Now when theatre people call me like that it’s usually to get me to stage manage something.  I hadn’t been asked that in a while because I’d had to give six months of “no”s due to my crazy work schedule.  It was also not the right time… one show imminently opening, the next already cast and in rehearsal.  But who knows maybe they needed a house manager or an ASM.  All these possibilities ran though my head, but I had this glimmer of hope that maybe they needed a director.  I was thinking big.

Well she called me back Saturday afternoon, and she asked me “well tell me what you have been in? what shows have you been involved in.”  I told her that Parade, the show we had been in together was the only thing that I had acted in recently, that I’d mainly focused on back stage work.

Then she said, “Well I have this part I need to fill in the show I’m directing and I think you’d be great for it.”  The show is an extended run of a QMT show that played earlier this season and I guess they had someone drop out.  It’s in four weeks… and she offered me the third lead.

Yeah… the third most important person in the show.

I was jumping on that, when would I get that chance again.  Not soon I can guarantee.  So I made plans to meet her in an hour to sing though some stuff, sure up plans, etc.  I hung up the phone, got up to go get changed, when I grabbed my calender.  Four weeks from now, as in May 7-9 Mothers Day weekend.  My hundred dollars worth of tickets for May 7 Showtime in Pensacola just arrived that day too.

I called Karla back to tell her I couldn’t do it.  “Well, next time,” she says.  Right.

What? You have a blog?

April 12, 2010

Wouldn’t know right?   I thought that if I put my blog address on my Christmas card that I’d write more.  Not so much… so welcome Christmas card people… if you have had that kind of patience.  I would also like to introduce you all to Macbook the sequel.  It is lovely and thin, and functioning and  you know… not stolen.

So you can look forward to

Uh, Uh, oh

April 11, 2010