I have been in the market for a new craft storage solution.  I found it… for 1,200 dollars!?!

The Christmas Details

December 17, 2009

Full size images can be found here on my Christmas album.

This ornament is new this year. Love came down at Christmas and all of that. Plus it’s a Josh song.  The drop ornament to the right is volcanic glass that I bought at the museum store the first time it put everything on sale for 90 percent off.  That time it was to replace the carpet.  Last time they went out of business.

Snowflake Floating Candle, it’s sparkly.

My shelf of pencil sharpeners with my smallest nativity on top. Each one is different.  I inherited these from my great grandma, because I used to love to look at them when I was little.  And I’ve added a few of my own over the years.

My favorite nativity, each piece has a bible verse on it.  Like Mary says “my soul will Magnify the Lord.”  And Jesus says “he will called Emmanuel.”  And it’s sparkly. And I got it on Ebay so it was really a great deal.

The ornaments hanging from my chandelier are new this year.
My grandma made the pepper- mint pillow for me. So cute.

This is new too. I have grass that normally lives in the vases. But I got some coordinating sparkly purple poinsettias and a peppermint ribbon.

My Christmas House

December 15, 2009

From Christmas


This house is 2 doors down from the last one, and currently for sale so you can look at a virtual tour of it online, which I love.  It has an alley, and a back yard with an arbor and great landscaping.  It looks so lush and a little crowded, it’s like my ideal yard and you can kind od see it peaking through as you drive by.  I also love that round part of the roof.

World’s Tallest Weed: Year 2

September 11, 2009

It’s back… but a little worse for wear.  I think a bug found a good snack.



I love my neighborhood, its the best one in Tallahassee. Want to see?House 1

This house is just around the corner from me.  It’s pint size and yellow, with a red door.  The front porch is great, and the mini picket fence, love.  They must be Tennessee fans,huh, they always fly that flag.  I totally could live there.


May 1, 2009

wisteriaI spend a good amount of time on red cast days in the boys dressing room helping one of our Kurts with his costume changes.  Boy stink, ew.  But my street smells like wisteria tonight so that kind of makes up for it.

The things around me

November 10, 2008

  • Wet carpet smells like wet dog.  I know.
  • I signed up for the beta test of the new Netflix player… for Mac… ’bout time.
  • Mini muffins should not be cooked at 425 degrees in a plastic muffin tin.  (Or would that be a muffin plastic?)  I now have a cookie sheet, melted plastic, and  burnt lemon poppy seed muffins sandwich.

Not quite this flooded

August 23, 2008

But we still canceled our party.  Apparently Lake Ella is over flowing.

The fruit growing on the world's tallest weed

The kudzu covering the world's tallest weed

The phone that did not ring to tell me I got cast in the show

The gray, gray sky that caused the pool party to be cancelled