Come home Apple with a bug

October 12, 2009

My house was burglarized a few hours ago.  I was expecting much worse, but all they took was my laptop.  I reported the serial number and there is a tag number to the suspect so we’ll see.  I know that’s a lot more that most people have when they get burgled. 

I hope you come home.

computer and lamp

One Response to “Come home Apple with a bug”

  1. […] April 12, 2010 Wouldn’t know right?   I thought that if I put my blog address on my Christmas card that I’d write more.  Not so much… so welcome Christmas card people… if you have had that kind of patience.  I would also like to introduce you all to Macbook the sequel.  It is lovely and thin, and functioning and  you know… not stolen. […]

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