So this is a better one liner than an actual story… But inquiring minds want to know….

Molly and I went to see Martin Short on campus on Saturday. (Overall a very funny show.) We had aisle seats on front row of the student section (row Y… gees)

So he was doing a song and he ran up the aisle waving his arms like crazy. And when he got to me I really thought he was trying to high-five me. So I put up my hand.. like at shoulder height. But he clipped my finger nails instead of actually meeting my palm. And I keep my nails kind of long and have been told a number of times that they can and do cause injury.

He didn’t look like he was in pain… but he didn’t try to high-five anyone else.

So… Dear Martin Short, Sorry for hurting you. My sister can sympathize. I’ve hurt her many times. I didn’t mean to. Say Hi to the other Amigos for me. Your fan, Erin