this must be the place

You found me.  I’m Erin, owner of this year old blog, and reluctant autobiographer.  I say that mainly because I hope my posts, and my categories and stuff will speak for themselves.  But I am realistic to know that some people just want a little synopsis, because I look for them too. You know… “Why is she talking about that?”

The defining feature in my life is my relationship with Jesus.  That sounds trite.  But I say it first because my hope is that it will affect everything else.  And living out my faith makes me look weird sometimes.  I try to own it.

I work and worship along side a great group, called United Methodists.  We have our strengths and flaws.  I choose to be a leader in the church, locally and broadly, through engagement, service, and lending my voice.  There is really a dirth of committed lay leaders of my age group, and I hope others will take a stand.

I live in Tallahassee, Florida because I came here for graduate school in developmental psychology, with an emphasis in educational psychology and particularly reading.  While there I learned that I really am a science geek.  I learned a lot about what I am very good at and a lot about some pretty big weaknesses that I have.  I’ve been out of school for 18 months… without completing my degrees.  It’s an area where I could use some clarity myself.

I spent 12 months unemployed and have been working at a mental health center for over 6 months now.  My job is way boring, but it causes me no stress, a welcome condition after grad school and joblessness.

I spend my off time, and a good amount of my down time at work, as a media consumer.  It’s maybe a bit out of hand the number of blogs I read, podcasts I listen to, TV shows I watch, and books I own. But most enjoyable is my theater habit.  I know more than I ought to about New York shows, and spend ridiculous stretches of time working for free in community theater.

This must be… what comes next.  Stay tuned.