Erin’s ode to NPH’s ode to the 2009 Tonys

June 8, 2009

I Tivoed the Tonys and watched them live at a house party with a bunch of my community theatre friends.  This was definitely the right thing to do, I laughed so much.  And I got to completely geek out on my useless theatre trivia. Who else would appreciate it? 


  1. Is that Bret Micheals on the Tony Awards? Then him getting taken out by the flys.
  2. The best supporting actor in a play bringing his wife on stage with him and her almost  falling out of her dress.
  3. Frank Langella is seriously bitter.
  4. Alice Ripley’s dramatic reading of the Kennedy Center sign.
  5. The Billy Elliot performance that was about the only time when the room got quiet.
  6. Counting the number of crew that got caught in a shot, and the number of people who will be loosing there jobs due to the horrendous sound issues.
  7. Picking your favorite Frankie Vallie.
  8. The three Billy’s acceptance speech. So cute.
  9. The guy standing behind the producer accepting for Hair, who’s every thought came flying across his face.
  10. And finally… best moment of the show had to be Neil’s 11:03 number. Brilliant.

One Response to “Erin’s ode to NPH’s ode to the 2009 Tonys”

  1. Hank Says:

    I kne the final number would be your favorite! I watched from the Billy Elliot 3 win to the end. Mom

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