In no particular order…

  • I have another new job… well a seventeen month old new job
  • My sister and I went on a road trip
  • and we went to Epcot Food and Wine
  • and I went to visit her again at her new house
  • I barely did any theater
  • I took a seminary class
  • I preached one of the last nights of our departed Evening Vespers service
  • I had minor surgery
  • that let me gain back most of the weight
  • Ryan Bradley won the US Championship
  • Many hours of “So You Think You Can Dance” were watched
  • More youth got confirmed
  • I agreed to help with Youth Sunday School
  • so I am going regularly to the contemporary service at church
  • I cut my hair short
  • I cried my eyes out too many times
  • I took a 12 week Biblical Greek class
  • I put up a half done online dating profile… then took it down
  • I applied for about 20 jobs… got one phone interview and no jobs
  • I finally turned some acquaintances into real friends
  • Visited Lakeland to go to FTC see old friends, waive at FSC, and see my beloved drama teacher get a distinguished career award
  • I got lots of books
  • I nominated myself to be a delegate to General Conference and did not win the vote
  • I saw the first national tour of the Hair revival
  • I spent holidays at home
  • I picked up a bad YouTube watching habit
  • I got asked to speak at next year’s Women’s Retreat
  • I rode lots of roller coasters
  • I went to the PCC reunion
  • I went to my ten year HS reunion
  • I help organize an emergency cold weather shelter for homeless people
  • I got a new car
  • I had a Seder meal at my house
  • and more… can’t decide if that’s a lot or a little

I don’t like ‘night Mother because it’s long and capital D depressing. And for me it put the proof to that fact that I was never going to be a genuine good actress, performer sure, but not an actress.  So besides the ideal circumstances of the venue, the scale, and my job, I got over my dislike for the show because unless you are a high school teacher, directors don’t get to pick their shows.  So that’s that.  You have to take the opportunities that come. If you wait around for the board to pick just the right thing you may be waiting forever.

Another proposal

June 19, 2009

I think that I’m a glutton for punishment, because I put in an application to direct at TLT again this year. I really didn’t do much on the getting experience front because, you know I was feeling that generous to them, and they never followed through on, well, anything. And I’m here to report that that trend has not come to an end. I requested access to the scripts for the season and somehow they were all gone, so then I was going to have them emailed to me. Well today, one month after proposals were due, I still haven’t any scripts besides the one that I decided to go and get from the library myself.

Enough whining.

So I decided to do a proposal for (shhhh don’t tell the committee) one of my least favorite shows, ‘night Mother. But the confluence of circumstances made this show one that I was actually likely to get a shot at. First it’s being produced in the “Coffee House” i.e. lobby. That means smaller scale and smaller budget. The show itself has very few technical elements, a unit set, a semi-modern setting and a cast of two. I think that means that they will be less nervous to have a novice at the helm. And besides that I have performed in a scene from the show, and I work in mental health. So that seemed to work because I had an interview on Wednesday, one step further than last year when I just got a no thank you call. The interview went well, I felt very prepared. And it was pretty fun to just talk about my plans, my understanding of the show, the challenges that I saw. I was little surprised that they didn’t ask me more esoteric questions, like “how do you view your role as a director”, or my favorite from district talk backs for student directed scenes, when two years in a row I got asked “what were you going for in this scene?” Instead they talked specifics of my draft scenic design and what I would look for in auditions, and how I would get a stage manager, mainly very practical things. At the end they asked if there was anything else that I’d like to share. I’m still a bit conflicted about if this was the right thing to say, and I felt nervous and looked at the ground a bit too much I think. But I told them that I hoped that my lack of experience would not be the final deciding factor, I of course elaborated a bit about how I was prepared and I think that this was the right next step. I just hope I didn’t come off desperate. I took up my whole 30 minutes allotted, and hey I would pick me. We’ll see, I’m supposed to be getting an email any day now.


April 17, 2009

I really don’t know what to think about the electronic billboard that said “Follow Ashton on Twitter.”  It must have worked considering he’s made national news… and Oprah, for being the first one to get a million followers.  But please tell me who’s money is paying for a billboard in Tallahassee, and toward what end?

Update… I interrupt this rant to share that fact that Demi Moore via Ashton’s twitter feat, was just promoting “Nothing but Nets.” Could that have been on the billboard too?  The duel against CNN was apparently for a pledge of 10,000 bed nets.

Follow me (I think I have like 4 tweets… don’t get your hopes up) ErinKT…. But only if you buy a net.nets

Small Victories

October 2, 2008

So I sent my complaint letter to Tallahassee Utilities.  I sent it certified mail because that’s what the complaint letter experts tell you to do (oh I miss the Bryant Park Project.)  Something about really meaning business, you know?  I addressed it to “Customer Service Manager.”

Well yesterday I got a call from the front desk woman who I talked to when I was in the last time.  She was very apologetic and said that it was a busy time, that she can’t believe that she did not tell me about the charges, that it didn’t matter if I had good credit or not that everyone would get that charge.  Then she asked me if there was anything that she could do.  Wait is that a trick question?  I said that if she couldn’t remove the charge then not really.  Then she asked if I wanted her to speak with her supervisor and see what could be done.  Wait is that a trick question?  I said yes I would like that.

Then she called me back later and left a message saying she’d taken care of it and the charge had been removed from my bill.  Woohoo.  I wrote her a little thank you note.

So then I was watching the local news and heard the announcement that Tallhassee Utilities is raising rates eight percent across the board.  Um I guess they’ll be getting my 56 dollars after all.

To Tallahassee Utilities,

I am writing to protest the 56 dollars of connection fees that I am being charged on my utility account that I have had connected with no interruptions for over three years.

Let me take time to explain the situation.  When I moved to Tallahassee four years ago my father was kind enough to activate my utilities in his name and social security number so that the deposit would be waved due to his good credit with his utility company.  But since that day I have received and paid the utility bills with my own money.

Three years ago I moved across town to a new house.  At that point I decided it would be logical to change the name on the account from my father’s to my name.  I called and inquired and was told that I would have to pay a deposit (approximately $250) in order to do that.  That of course was unsatisfactory to me.   So I asked about what would be done if someone had died or gotten a divorce or sublet a house and needed to change a name on an account.  The customer service representative told me that I could add my name to the account and then after two years of good history I could remove my father’s name from the account.  To do this we had to both (my father who lives out of town and I) appear in person at the Renaissance Center.  So we did that and in June of 2005 my name and social security number were added to the account so that in two years I could remove my father’s name.

Earlier this month I happened to be in the Renaissance Center to meet with Gwen Lightfoot about affordable housing issues on behalf of Tallahassee Equality Action Ministry.  I remembered that it had been plenty of time now and I was in the building I could stop by the Customer Service desk and remove my father’s name from my account.   I got to the front of the line and told the representative what I wanted to do I was first told that had to pay a deposit.  But I explained that I had been on the account for over two years had been told that I could now just remove his name outright.  She looked up my account and told me that was okay and she had me fill out a form and show my ID.  I asked “So now my father is off my account?” and was told yes.  At no time during this meeting or during any of the other conversations and meetings three years ago was I told that there would be any charge if I followed the procedure proscribed.  So that is what I did.

Three days ago I received a bill in my name that included 56 dollars combined of “connection fees” for gas, water, and electricity.  Since my utilities had never been disconnected and I was not expecting any charges I called the customer service line and spoke to a representative.  I asked about the charges and she said, “it says that you had one account that was closed and another that was opened.”  So I explained the situation to her and the steps that I had taken.  She then told me that the way I had handled the situation forced them to send a meter reader to my house and that is what the fees were for and that I was lucky because I only had to pay 56 dollars instead of the $250 deposit.

There are two major problems I have with this.  One, I was never told that I would be charged anything.  The bill I received was the first indication. Had I been told about the charges I would not have done it this way.  And second a deposit would be potentially refundable; where as these “connection fees” I will never see again.  And again, nothing was ever disconnected.

I have over four years of good history with Tallahassee Utilities, three of which are under my own name.  I feel like I am being taken advantage of by an unfair and unclear policy that now I see little way out of.   I hope that I will receive satisfaction by getting a bill that reflects the removal of these unfair fees.

Thank you,
Erin K. Thompson