A little money for a little theatre

July 26, 2008

I’m going to a workshop at the little theater today. One thing about losing half of your funding is that you have to provide some more content that people will pay for. So today’s song selection for auditions will set me back 10 dollars. I think they had an acting audition workshop 2 weeks ago that was 25 dollars so maybe they are lowering the price to get more people to come. The readings of children’s literature seem to be going well too. The formerly free “Actor’s Workshop” (which is mainly a place to go and present work and your fellow actors critique it) will now be costing $5 per session. And I guess that doesn’t bode well for a free director’s workshop. I asked about it one more time and still no info is forthcoming. I even volunteered to help coordinate it. No wonder I can’t get a job… people won’t even let me work for free. Which reminds me that auditions for “The Fantasticks” are tomorrow. Announcements of the directors for the season were finally made, and there are still two positions open. I told the executive director that she should find some one with more experience but maybe less availability and we could collaborate. Again no word.

My totally unoriginal idea to get some cash flow… charge the actors. You could have audition or costume or production fees. Scholarship and fundraising opportunities will be available of course. Maybe they could work off their fees in the box office. It’s a supply and demand thing. I think there were like 50 girls who auditioned for Guys and Dolls, think of all that money.

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