Every other one

July 16, 2008

The young adult group at Saint Paul’s is called “The Everyothers.” We went through a number of names before landing on that one. Most of the time when people ask why we call it that we say that it is because we meet every other Sunday, but that’s only half the reason.

Young adults, particularly single young adults, often feel like the odd man out. The “others” as it were. So we try to create a community for every other one.

Can you find it?

July 6, 2008

I’ve been looking over my bookmarks, the internet kind that is. First I got a new computer so I transfered all my bookmarks then. That gave me the occasion to go through and check some of them to see if they were still active. A lot were but some were not. Then I discovered del.icio.us, an online bookmark manager that also allows you to share what you have bookmarked with others. And when I imported my bookmarks there I found even more broken links. Bookmarks are precarious things.

I here that the Millennial generation (I am among the oldest of them) doesn’t have the “brand loyalty” that past generations have had. That goes for anything from sodas to computers to churches. One bad experience and we are on to the next thing. Broken links get deleted. So what do people who want to reach out to this group do? You’ve got to forward the link. Things that are old and worn out get replaced, or refreshed. Or you keep the links active.  Who knows when I’ll want to go find my favorite show from middle school or the references I used in a history paper?  So brands need to be both innovative and trusting. Look for some practical examples in a few days.