February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12 it was snowing in all 50 states.  It did snow in Pensacola and there was a chance that it would snow in Tallahassee.  Well it was my one day off,  and I had a job interview in the morning so I decided I was going to head off an find some snow that afternoon.  It’s not often that you see snow on the same radar picture as Tallahassee.  I knew that they had canceled school in Dothan and that it had been snowing most of the morning so that’s were I headed.  The snow started just as I crossed the state line and was going pretty good into downtown Dothan but not really sticking to the ground.  I stopped by the store to get some tylenol and when I came out things were looking a bit whiter.  I decided to head a bit further north to Abbeville, AL where I got my idealic snow in a small town scene.  I was hoping to see some Florida snow but it had stopped by the time I was heading home.  My favorite part is the snow on the palm trees.

I’m not a economist or a business theorist so I don’t know if this is inevitable or not. All I know is I am sad.

That flood on Lake Ella? Well on the other side of the lake from our church are these cute like shops. One of them is the best local shoe store ever. They had the best stuff, trendy but not super expensive. But it got flooded last Saturday, along with 6 other stores. Everyone’s saying that it is the highest that Lake Ella has ever been. Stupid tropical cyclones.

I got an email from them today saying that they will not reopen; that they are selling off all of their stock. I think that it’s sad that we can’t support a local business. Too many chains. And I’m as much to blame with my Payless shoe buying. If business was booming, a flood wouldn’t end the whole thing. She must have been in trouble already.

Do I have to live in big city to have a boutique shoe store? I guess so.

Lake Ella Flood

August 27, 2008

Not quite this flooded

August 23, 2008

But we still canceled our party.  Apparently Lake Ella is over flowing.

The fruit growing on the world's tallest weed

The kudzu covering the world's tallest weed

The phone that did not ring to tell me I got cast in the show

The gray, gray sky that caused the pool party to be cancelled