I have a secret

June 30, 2008

I used to watch “The Bachelor.” The first season was a novelty, and then my friends and I would have tv parties to watch it in college. But I gave it up. I tried to to watch the season with the English guy but I just couldn’t do it. Seeing the girls fawn all over this guy drives me crazy. And all the kissing. I remember the first season it was shocking to the world that Alex kissed like 3 girls, now its like all kissing all the time. Oh and “The most dramatic rose ceremony ever” please. So when people like my mom ask me if I watch (which is often phrased more like “You don’t watch the bachelor do you?”) I give the obligatory eye roll of disgust with my “of course not.”

But I have a secret. I have been watching “The Bachelorette.” It’s good for the eye candy and seeing the control on the other side for a change. Plus all the the girls have been returners from past seasons so we already care about them and want them to find a happy ending. And who would not love Trista, Ryan, and their cute little baby. But I have to say even that is getting hard to watch.

I guess I’m pretty much a real life grown-up now and the people on the show are actually my age. Plus it is just so unreal. (You mean everyone doesn’t hang out in the Bahamas? I know it’s shocking.) But mostly why are we breaking people’s hearts for the sake of television. It’s enevitable that 24 of these guys are going to get cut. Maybe it’s the fame? But they have to know that there is so many ex-reality stars and nobody cares about 99 percent of them. So why aren’t these guys dating their friends from school, church… their sister’s co-worker, whatever!? Hey guys, find a peer. We’re out here.