In no particular order…

  • I have another new job… well a seventeen month old new job
  • My sister and I went on a road trip
  • and we went to Epcot Food and Wine
  • and I went to visit her again at her new house
  • I barely did any theater
  • I took a seminary class
  • I preached one of the last nights of our departed Evening Vespers service
  • I had minor surgery
  • that let me gain back most of the weight
  • Ryan Bradley won the US Championship
  • Many hours of “So You Think You Can Dance” were watched
  • More youth got confirmed
  • I agreed to help with Youth Sunday School
  • so I am going regularly to the contemporary service at church
  • I cut my hair short
  • I cried my eyes out too many times
  • I took a 12 week Biblical Greek class
  • I put up a half done online dating profile… then took it down
  • I applied for about 20 jobs… got one phone interview and no jobs
  • I finally turned some acquaintances into real friends
  • Visited Lakeland to go to FTC see old friends, waive at FSC, and see my beloved drama teacher get a distinguished career award
  • I got lots of books
  • I nominated myself to be a delegate to General Conference and did not win the vote
  • I saw the first national tour of the Hair revival
  • I spent holidays at home
  • I picked up a bad YouTube watching habit
  • I got asked to speak at next year’s Women’s Retreat
  • I rode lots of roller coasters
  • I went to the PCC reunion
  • I went to my ten year HS reunion
  • I help organize an emergency cold weather shelter for homeless people
  • I got a new car
  • I had a Seder meal at my house
  • and more… can’t decide if that’s a lot or a little

We have a Lent/Easter symbols card game to play in second grade Sunday School. We were looking at the one that had the crown of thorns on it. I said, “look at that, wouldn’t it hurt to wear that on your head?” Amanda said, “Not if he had poofy hair like you, Miss Erin.”

Because Sunday school classes don’t teach themselves, when you had a power outage and your alarm doesn’t go off.

So I went and bought a battery powered alarm clock that has a outdoor temperature sensor, bonus! But it’s just not that fun to hug.


“There are always uncertainties ahead, but there is always one certainty–God’s will is good.”
-Vernon Paterson

Always, huh? I guess so. I guess that’s why you have to be content in the way things are now, because God always has what’s best for you in mind.

Two Paper Towels

July 18, 2008

In case you were wondering no AC and windows open equals more bugs. It’s gross. Most of them are dead by the time I find them (thanks Florida Pest Control) and I get rid of them with my dust buster. But occasionally I’ll find one that’s still very much alive. At first I was swinging shoes at them but that ended in bug splatter and broken knickknacks. So now I’ve made the determination that I can kill the bug with my hand if I use two layers of paper towels and then I wad it up and throw it away. It has to be two though, so you can’t feel it as much and there’s insurance against bug-gut seepage.

I once had to dispose of a dead mouse. Luckily only once. I found the traces in my cabinet so my exterminator brought me some glue traps. We spread peanut butter on them and closed them up in the cabinet for a week. Then I psyched my self up to go check on it. I didn’t know whether I wanted it to be there or not. It was there… So i took a wire hanger and bent it into a long hook and got one of the boxes I still had left over from packing. I used the hanger to scoot the whole thing into the box. Then I through all of it out in my big trash container and rolled it right out to the street.

Oh yes and I was also wearing disposable latex gloves. Working at Superkids in the infant room introduced me to the magic that is latex gloves. It was part of the diaper changing routine. Wash your hands, put on the gloves, change the baby, dispose of the dirty diaper by flipping your glove around it, and wash your hands again. It’s a great system.

Now I am a cleaning fiend when I have my gloves on. I can touch all sorts of gross things. I consider listing them here but you all know the gross things that need to be cleaned. I even tried gardening in latex gloves, which I do not recommend. They don’t hold up well against rocks and trigs. But I didn’t want to get my hands dirty.

I can’t decide whether this is a good or a bad thing. The perception of protection that I have empowers me to do all sorts of stuff… things that I maybe would not have done. But it’s protection only as far as you don’t run across a stray stick, or a sharp knife, or a counter corner, or a bug with a little more will to live. Then it throws your well ordered, germ free, protected plan into a tail spin.

We live a lot of our lives relying on this fragile protection: things that don’t last, and people who leave at the first sign of trouble. So I guess you have two choses, get better gloves, or be ready to wash your hands.


July 14, 2008

Being a single girl I am wont to seek out or be given advice about finding someone to marry. This usually comes in the form of books, articles, blogs, and the occasional sermon. When this is coming from a Christian source a nearly universal point is this: Soul mates don’t exist so stop looking for one. God did not create one special person for you. Get real about what truly matters, and butterfly feelings are not it. Are you at the same stage in life, do you have the same priorities, do both want children? Those are the questions that matter. Things that you’ll have to ask to find out, not receive in a lightning bolt of harp music revelation. And Vance takes it one step further. He says that Americans (westerners) think that the key to a successful marriage is compatibility (hey aren’t there 40 dimensions of that or something?) when really it is commitment. That’s why arranged marriages can work, because love can grow out of strong commitment.

But these Christians aren’t taking their own advice when comes to hiring staff and selecting leaders. They are looking for their soul-pastor. The one who can say that god directed there life’s journey right to this moment and this church. The one who felt a calling from age… well the earlier the better. And then they have the compatibility check. You need 3 years of experience, killer guitar playing ability, and super organizational skills. Don’t get me wrong these things are not unimportant, just not most important. The most important thing is commitment.

A few weeks ago I applied for the youth director position at Saint Paul’s (In the UMC we call them that not “pastor” unless they are ordained. And I would have said soul-director but the pun just was not as good.) Here’s what I want them to know.

Dear Saint Paul’s UMC, I can’t tell you that I have always wanted to be a youth director, or that working with youth is my life’s passion. The fact is that I even made some unwise decisions that lead me to a time now when I need a job. We seem compatable but other people may look more so, I can’t help that. But here’s what I can offer: my love (I love you already, you are my church,) my respect, my faithfulness, and most of all my commitment. So Saint Paul’s, will you hire me?

I have a secret

June 30, 2008

I used to watch “The Bachelor.” The first season was a novelty, and then my friends and I would have tv parties to watch it in college. But I gave it up. I tried to to watch the season with the English guy but I just couldn’t do it. Seeing the girls fawn all over this guy drives me crazy. And all the kissing. I remember the first season it was shocking to the world that Alex kissed like 3 girls, now its like all kissing all the time. Oh and “The most dramatic rose ceremony ever” please. So when people like my mom ask me if I watch (which is often phrased more like “You don’t watch the bachelor do you?”) I give the obligatory eye roll of disgust with my “of course not.”

But I have a secret. I have been watching “The Bachelorette.” It’s good for the eye candy and seeing the control on the other side for a change. Plus all the the girls have been returners from past seasons so we already care about them and want them to find a happy ending. And who would not love Trista, Ryan, and their cute little baby. But I have to say even that is getting hard to watch.

I guess I’m pretty much a real life grown-up now and the people on the show are actually my age. Plus it is just so unreal. (You mean everyone doesn’t hang out in the Bahamas? I know it’s shocking.) But mostly why are we breaking people’s hearts for the sake of television. It’s enevitable that 24 of these guys are going to get cut. Maybe it’s the fame? But they have to know that there is so many ex-reality stars and nobody cares about 99 percent of them. So why aren’t these guys dating their friends from school, church… their sister’s co-worker, whatever!? Hey guys, find a peer. We’re out here.

Ice Antics

June 29, 2008

My ice spit on me… like 2 feet from my hand to my face. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. But some bubble thing or something happened and it spit this stream of water at my eye. Crazy. It would have been nice to have someone to laugh with.

Borrow a Baby

June 25, 2008

The premise is the teenage couples get to borrow some kids. One couple wants to get married, one was about to break up and one wants to have a baby now. And I presume that these are 18 year olds because it looks like they live with their parents. It sounded like a good idea for reality tv to me so I’m watching it. But wait… they also get a house of their own. So so far 30 minutes into the show we have seen about ten shot of the couples sleeping, arguing, cuddling, and yelling at each other… in bed together.

These are real live teenagers. You should see the fits they are throwing. They all have a nanny assigned to them. And the baby’s parents get to watch on closed circuit television. So one of the moms just came over because the baby wasn’t eating enough food and our teenager just gave her all sorts of attitude, “He just doesn’t want to eat.” Right, the baby doesn’t want to eat. So her boyfriend come back from the grocery store and she gives the baby to him and goes and pouts on the bed. “I’m not here to get bitched out, I’m not touching it again.”

Oh look in bed together again. Now I am not naive. I’m sure these teens have been in bed before. But who thinks this is a good idea. The whole point of the show is that they are not grown up yet. Do their parents care? It’s just wrong in so many ways. Go get a stinking babysitting job. We have enough playing like your married going on.