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Meta Monday: Blog Power

September 29, 2008

Tyson is sending food to San Fransisco food banks based on the number of comments received on this post.

This is genius…

Lobstermen who blog.

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I’ve been thinking about whether I want to be more intentional about what I write on the blog.  Do I want it to have a more definite theme?  But I think since it’s been mainly an exercise for me so far I’ll just keep it free form.  I’ll be funny if I want to and if I want to vent you all will just have to deal with it.  It’s just me.

Here’s the background information… I got into the blogging thing from reading Christian blogs. Most of these blogs were written by men in full time ministry. Most of the commenters on the blogs that I read are women. Then I started writing my own blog and got introduced to the crazy world of stat tracking and authority, and my favorite… google reader. This allows me look at as many blogs as I want in just one place. It allows me to be much less picky about the blogs I read and I have found many new ones that I like to read.

Among these new blogs that I’ve been reading are the previously mentioned commenters. I have also since found out that something like 75 percent of blogs are written by women. And many of these are mothers who usually write about there kids (among other things.) I think that it’s kind of like the scrapbooking craze… Mom’s just like to document stuff their kids do and stuff that they do for their kids.

So… now I get down to what I really was going to say. I have this aversion to reading about family theme nights. Not a blogging mom, mommy blog reader, husband of a blogging mom, or perhaps just a woman who was ahead of her time? Let me just fill you in. A family theme night is pretty much what it sounds like. Once a month the mom comes up with a theme that she can plan a whole evening of family entertainment for her husband and small children around. Absolutely imperative is themed food, decorations, and at least three games. Extra points if costumes are involved. And you also must spend less than thirty dollars on it. Then in you write your blog post about it including lots of pictures of your dinosaur shaped sandwiches and digging for dinosaur bones in the sand box. That way the other moms can read about it and have ideas for next month’s family theme night.

So join me on my self diagnosis couch. Erin what is your deal? Why does reading about these things make you mad? Here’s what I know about myself. If I had a husband and young children I would be all over family theme nights. I love themes and uber-coordination, and I do a lot of stuff that’s like the cousin of family theme night. Those who have seen my office can attest. And I love a good theme party. Heck, I just finished doing a brochure that has all these cute little ducklings on it for the church children’s ministry because of the imagery of the mother ducks and also our church is right on a lake. It’s like coordinating/theme nirvana. So maybe it’s jealousy? Definitely could be.

But also, you know how they say often the faults you see in others are ones that you possess yourself. So before I say this I know it’s my issue first. Doesn’t it all seem a little self obsessed? Who’s it for? The husbands I’m sure could care less and the preschoolers are not even going to remember. It’s like a way to be in control. I find it easy to critique these women and say can’t they find something better to do with their time. So maybe I need to address my control freak issues? Definitely could be.

And finally even if these things are absolutely free they are like the definition of ostentation. I think we in the US (me too like I said it’s my issues) need to learn to live more simply. The same people who write about humanitarian disaster, turn around write about their laptop. Do I need to give more and take less? Definately could be.

Meta Monday: Slammed

August 11, 2008

Blogging is like slam poetry. A while ago I was talking about my blog and said that the format was good because if you are entertaining enough you can get your message in as well, and people will want to read what you have to say. And that’s kind of the theory of slam poetry as well. What is that some of you less hep cats may be asking? Here’s the run down.

  • Slam poetry is a competition. Like blogs you have to stand out in a crowd.
  • The judges are just everyday people selected from the crowd not poetry experts. Like blogs you have to have broad appeal.
  • Slam poetry is performed and “of the moment.” Like a blog outdated references are a real turn off.
  • There are no rules. It’s not about being scholarly it’s about being entertaining. Like blogs you can win there hearts and then you can talk about what’s on your mind.
  • Slam poetry was trendy about five years ago, not so much anymore. Blogs are trendy now. What’s next?

Things I learned from Liz Strauss’s Blog-to Show:

  1. There are a whole lot of “marketing” blogs out there.
  2. You have to tell me more than ” my funny musings on life” to get me to click
  3. Saying overly complimentary things about yourself is annoying even on the internet
  4. As much as I like grammer it’s not that fun to read about
  5. It’s hard to break the internet
  6. “Blog-to” looks like blog-too not blog-toe

Read Doogie’s Blog here.

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