Neil, Sigh

August 15, 2008

(Beware, this post will be uncharacteristically girlie, but it won’t last long.)

I just have to say thanks to MTV for the surprise (to me at least) So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 marathon today. So I’m recording it. And I watched American Mall last night (so much better than High School Musical.) So watching these reminded me how much I appreciate Neil who besides being a great singer and dancer, nice to look at, and too funny, also increased my knowledge of men’s gymnastics (quite appropriate for this month don’t you think?) Do you know what this move is called? I do… thanks Neil.

(PS. This just has to be said… how sad for Paul Hamm)

I am watching the High School Musical reality show (I’m a reality show junkie what can I say) and I am noticing how awful the sound mix is on the performance segments. It’s almost like the levels were not checked at all. I’ve also noticed the same issues on the other new performance reality show (I know, I know) The Singing Office. The problem sounds like crackling, almost like you hadn’t tuned in a radio station just right. And it’s caused by having microphone sensitivity set too high. And you are forced to do that if the performer isn’t projecting. That’s forgivable in the first time singers on The Singing Office but the folks on HSM are supposed to be experienced and even if they don’t know better someone ought to be telling them.

PS. Shout out to the Lakeland (home town of my alma mater, FSC) Ledger who is the only sight on the web to point this out.