In no particular order…

  • I have another new job… well a seventeen month old new job
  • My sister and I went on a road trip
  • and we went to Epcot Food and Wine
  • and I went to visit her again at her new house
  • I barely did any theater
  • I took a seminary class
  • I preached one of the last nights of our departed Evening Vespers service
  • I had minor surgery
  • that let me gain back most of the weight
  • Ryan Bradley won the US Championship
  • Many hours of “So You Think You Can Dance” were watched
  • More youth got confirmed
  • I agreed to help with Youth Sunday School
  • so I am going regularly to the contemporary service at church
  • I cut my hair short
  • I cried my eyes out too many times
  • I took a 12 week Biblical Greek class
  • I put up a half done online dating profile… then took it down
  • I applied for about 20 jobs… got one phone interview and no jobs
  • I finally turned some acquaintances into real friends
  • Visited Lakeland to go to FTC see old friends, waive at FSC, and see my beloved drama teacher get a distinguished career award
  • I got lots of books
  • I nominated myself to be a delegate to General Conference and did not win the vote
  • I saw the first national tour of the Hair revival
  • I spent holidays at home
  • I picked up a bad YouTube watching habit
  • I got asked to speak at next year’s Women’s Retreat
  • I rode lots of roller coasters
  • I went to the PCC reunion
  • I went to my ten year HS reunion
  • I help organize an emergency cold weather shelter for homeless people
  • I got a new car
  • I had a Seder meal at my house
  • and more… can’t decide if that’s a lot or a little

The Anti-Triangle Hair

December 19, 2009

My own Ouidad cut, from the salon in Maryland. Still a little frizzy, probably thanks to the nonstop rain. Overall grade B.  Not the life changing experience others have had, but pretty.  And I kind of wish I’d left it a little longer.

We have a Lent/Easter symbols card game to play in second grade Sunday School. We were looking at the one that had the crown of thorns on it. I said, “look at that, wouldn’t it hurt to wear that on your head?” Amanda said, “Not if he had poofy hair like you, Miss Erin.”

Hair pin on steriods

February 3, 2009

scunci3These are the coolest things ever. I ran to Walgreens yesterday to pick up some bandaids for my chronic blisters, which are only made worse by stupid character shoes. (Too much information?) I thought I’d pick up some more bobby pins while I was there. You can never have enough when you are in a show. And these were on the shelf right there too. It said they were for “excessive amounts of hair.” Well if there was ever anything to describe my hair that’d be it. So I picked up a pack, but I was still a little skeptical. Many clips have come against my hair and failed. But I was wrong. These things really are like magic. I got all of my hair up in a reasonably 1913 style, and secure at that, using only nine pins. Plus they are brown plastic so they will blend in nicely on stage. Score one for me in the battle of the hair.

I used to be a Haute Head

October 28, 2008

The booth next to mine at the craft fair was selling tie dye tee shirts.  The guy running the booth is also the owner of a hair salon in town.  He had his mom and a couple of his hair dressers to help him. So I got to talk a about the hair business.  Some one asked him about his prices and he said they were reasonable, not “200 dollars for highlights like Haute Heads.”  He said they people that work there “go to the gym and eat right and look a certain way and they think that gives them the right to overcharge people. But most people just want a good hair cut.”  And he made the point that they have people there with barely any experience that are charging more than his stylist with 20 years experience do.

I went to Haute Heads about three time a few years ago.  I started going there because the outside of the building was cute, and I continued to go there because it was cute on the inside.  It has jewel toned walls with gold scroll work and mirrors with fancy frames.  The sitting room has these big purple poofy chairs.  And they sell beaded jewelry that’s a lot like the kind I make.  It’s great.  It reminds me of the set of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella… my kind of place.  But I quit going mainly because of the cost.  It was about double the cost of a mall hair cut.  And I didn’t like the fact that the girl kept saying that may hair was mousey brown and that I needed to dye it like chestnut brown.  But I like being a blonde, dark blonde, but blonde none the less.

Anyway I was more taken in by the beautiful decor rather than the beautiful people.  But it gave me a different perspective.  I would rather just get a good hair cut.  And you know what really impressed me?  All of the customers who came down to the craft fair just to support their friend.  I think that’s priceless.

Triangle Hair

July 3, 2008

I’m not alone. I used to go into the salon and say “I get triangle hair, like the girl from Dilbert, you know? Can we thin it out or layer it or something?” Sometimes it worked other times not. I think the worst was when I went to Walmart in Lakeland to get my hair cut before graduation. The girl took the ends and like cut them on an angle. I guess that’s what she thought I meant by layers, but I think it just accentuated the triangleness (one of many reasons to boycott Walmart). And I thought I was the only one.

But on “Shear Genius” last night one of the contestants cut a girl’s super curly hair in two layers, short underneath and medium on top. One of the judges said “don’t you think that will grow into a pyramid when she gets outside?” The contestant was unconcerned but the judge was and so was I.

And my friend Nancy blogged about the fabulous experience that she had at Ouidad, a salon in NYC that specializes in cutting curly hair to avoid pyramid hair.

My hair is not as curly as Nancy’s or the TV girl, so I know there’s hope for me yet.