So there is a cool new game where you get a random image from Google maps and you have to guess where you are in the world.  From when I heard about it I knew that it would be my thing. Yeah it is totally great.  You get points based on how close your guesses are to the actually location.  The first on I got was low hills with cat tails by the road, no buildings at all and a traffic sign on the right hand side.  I guessed USA because of the traffic sign and I think cat tails are in marshy areas, but it had the hills.  My guess was somewhere in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia.  Turns out it was Brazil, oops.  Then I realized you can actually navigate around to get a better sense of the location not just the single snapshot.  The next one was a fancy shopping area.  Seemed obviously Japan. I guessed Tokyo; it was actually Osaka but my score definitely got better.  Then there was a plain-y area with modern metal buildings and farming equipment.  I guessed Amarillo Texas; it was in Kansas.  Number four was on an inland waterway.  The signs looked like they were in Spanish.  I navigated around a bit more and saw a number of signs that said Ponte (I think.)  Then I found some signs that had .br web addresses. Brazil again, Portuguese not Spanish.  My last place was basically this:

2229252-statue_Lenin_tram_Yekaterinburg AH HA! Got to be Russia! So I pan around and see this.

4982798665_1693957ded_z Looks familiar… Like Yekaterinburg, but what are the chances?

I went exploring trying to figure out the Cyrillic alphabet and find a clue.  Pizza Place, Movie theater, a Botanical Garden, this crazy place…0407Ekaterinburg$20011_Circus_TV_towerThe tower reminds me of something in St. Petersburg and I know St. Petersburg has a famous garden I was about to guess when I saw a sign in English, you guessed it… Ekaterinburg.  I found it on the map, made my guess, and got my score.  Less than 2 km from correct.  Cool.  You should try Geoguessr.  It’s really fun.


Watching General Conference videos the other day. YouTube suggests… Russian Floorball.  I don’t know what that is but it sounds exciting.

Fun Stuff on the Internet:  The series in which I promote web apps that are already highly successful… I just like them.  Today’s edition… Delicious.

I am a bit bookmark obsessed.  With my delicious I have all my bookmarks at my finger tips when ever I have the Internet.  Plus they have a tagging system for categorisation, allowing multiple tags on one bookmark.

The words of prayer

May 19, 2009

Prayer words

From UMC Young Clergy’s 40 days of prayer.

40 days of prayerBeginning today, join young leaders in our church in praying for the future of our denomination. You can read a prayer a day on the UMC Young Clergy website or buy the book here.

What to look forward to: confession and learning from the past, asking for guidance, and visions for the future.  It’s my pleasure to contribute and I hope that we will all become inspired and energized during this Annual Conference season.

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I love book swaping.  It’s addictive.  Trade in a book you’ve read for the one you’re looking for. Free but the shipping.

That’s how much money is waiting for me in my account on  It’s a site where you can predict stuff like football winners and the cost of gas and consumer confidence index.  You get money for certain premium questions that people have paid to have asked.  It’s based on accuracy and the time when you predict.  And you get bonuses for overall accuracy across all the questions.  The problem? You get paid when you reach $20 … man almost.

Buy Homemade

July 1, 2008

I was looking for a tea cozy that was made of camouflage material (It’s a long story.) But as you can imagine it was a hard thing to come by. I found it at Really. There are all sorts of things on etsy. Check it out. It’s a great place to buy gifts and you can usually get an excellent bargain.

I even opened a store. So shameless self promotion time.