They canceled my show again.  Curses ABC!

cupid08I love it.  Tonight’s permiere was just as good as the 1998 series.  It’s like a romantic show based on mythology and psychology.  Like, it’s made for me.  Now everybody watch Cupid so it will last more than half a season.

Seriously, watch.

And that love advice from Captain Kirk?  “Go Boldly.”  And in this case it was to Ireland to find your deported singer songwriter boyfriend, so that works for me.

You know what I hate (well one of the things anyway)? When a show that I really like gets canceled before it’s time. Well ABC has felt my pain and brought back “The Mole” a show that was canceled 6 years ago and now they are bringing back “Cupid” a show that was canceled 10 years ago. I loved it… my parents used to record it for me before the advent of Tivo and even DVDs because it wasn’t one of their favorites. It came on after the remake of “Fantasy Island.” But it was canceled after only one season. They rehired the original writer/creator and everything. But I will miss Jeremy Piven who was so funny. He apparently won’t be returning to the show. It’s a little like “Eli Stone” in the plot department. It’s about a man who thinks that he’s cupid and his therapist who is trying hard to convince him that he’s not even though he is aways involved in people falling in love left and right. Each episode had a new little love story. I’m so excited…