Move toward the light

July 20, 2008

I think it may be revenge for cruelty, and oh how I wish this was not a theme. Today… when bugs fight back.

First it’s fruit flies. Maybe they came from the watermelon that I bought. They are becoming a problem in my kitchen. It doesn’t make for very appetizing meals. So I bought some fly tape and set up some homemade vinegar traps. So far it’s just made my kitchen smell like vinegar. We’ll see what happens after I leave it out for a night.

But this is the most unkindest cut of all. My baby three month old Macbook has a bug inside the screen. Yes you read that right… underneath the plastic there it is crawling around. This apparently is not unheard of, you can read about it on message boards and see videos on youtube but no one really offers solutions. Some people say that have squashed their bugs and now have permanent black spots. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound very smart. So my idea is to turn the computer off and set it under a lamp. I think bugs are attracted to light so maybe it will go back out how it got in or at least into some less visible area of the computer. So far I’ve done that twice, once for 30 minutes under the lamp then for about 4 hours. Both times when I started the computer up again the bug was still on the screen but not moving. Not a good sign. But then like five minutes later it starts moving again. It’s currently not moving and is located about a half inch from the left side of the screen and two inches from the top of the screen. I guess I’ll go put this back under the lamp for the rest of the night and hope for the best

This is not my video but here’s what it looks like.

Two Paper Towels

July 18, 2008

In case you were wondering no AC and windows open equals more bugs. It’s gross. Most of them are dead by the time I find them (thanks Florida Pest Control) and I get rid of them with my dust buster. But occasionally I’ll find one that’s still very much alive. At first I was swinging shoes at them but that ended in bug splatter and broken knickknacks. So now I’ve made the determination that I can kill the bug with my hand if I use two layers of paper towels and then I wad it up and throw it away. It has to be two though, so you can’t feel it as much and there’s insurance against bug-gut seepage.

I once had to dispose of a dead mouse. Luckily only once. I found the traces in my cabinet so my exterminator brought me some glue traps. We spread peanut butter on them and closed them up in the cabinet for a week. Then I psyched my self up to go check on it. I didn’t know whether I wanted it to be there or not. It was there… So i took a wire hanger and bent it into a long hook and got one of the boxes I still had left over from packing. I used the hanger to scoot the whole thing into the box. Then I through all of it out in my big trash container and rolled it right out to the street.

Oh yes and I was also wearing disposable latex gloves. Working at Superkids in the infant room introduced me to the magic that is latex gloves. It was part of the diaper changing routine. Wash your hands, put on the gloves, change the baby, dispose of the dirty diaper by flipping your glove around it, and wash your hands again. It’s a great system.

Now I am a cleaning fiend when I have my gloves on. I can touch all sorts of gross things. I consider listing them here but you all know the gross things that need to be cleaned. I even tried gardening in latex gloves, which I do not recommend. They don’t hold up well against rocks and trigs. But I didn’t want to get my hands dirty.

I can’t decide whether this is a good or a bad thing. The perception of protection that I have empowers me to do all sorts of stuff… things that I maybe would not have done. But it’s protection only as far as you don’t run across a stray stick, or a sharp knife, or a counter corner, or a bug with a little more will to live. Then it throws your well ordered, germ free, protected plan into a tail spin.

We live a lot of our lives relying on this fragile protection: things that don’t last, and people who leave at the first sign of trouble. So I guess you have two choses, get better gloves, or be ready to wash your hands.