If they can call it “studying the bible” I can call it “smart-aleckyness”

December 20, 2009

My spiritual gift is knowledge.  Sound’s good, right?  But wait just one minute.  In my youth spiritual gifts inventory they gave it a new name, “Studying the Bible.”  And I think I know why… because knowledge ≠wisdom.  It’s easily confused, you see.  But when you look at me you will see the lots of knowledge, not so much wisdom.  Lots of butting in and sounding off, not a lot of think it through and ponder the outcome.  It get’s me in trouble at work, at the theatre, well basically wherever.  It’s the thing that caused me to spend 2-3 fraught days working on month-long assignments and still getting passing grades. Smart but not wise.

I guess sometimes gifts are challenging.  Like a puzzle, or a computer game, or an art set.  And sometimes those are the best gifts. It just takes some work and perseverance.

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