Dance (Dance, Dance, Dance)… that’s the echo

September 8, 2009

Guess what tomorrow is!  The fall premier of my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance!  Last week they showed a clip show of Nigel’s top 15 dances of a five seasons.

So I thought I’d share my favorites from season 2 until now. (I didn’t watch season one, curses.) Featuring Youtube clips and Comments by me.  Beware the sappiness abounds… it’s just what I like.

Benji and Donyell: You Can’t Stop the Beat… because it’s Hairspray with Benji and Donyelle

Benji and Heidi: Black Mambo… because they rock there own style

Travis and Heidi: Bench Dance… because Travis is my favorite ever, Heidi is a revelation and it’s such a story

Sabra and Neil: Table Dance… because Neil can do a plange

Danny and Lacey: Hip Hip Chin Chin… because what? Demetri what? and the crazy music

Danny and Lauren: Then You Look at Me… because it’s Celine and running up stairs

Lion King Group Number… because it reminds me of Zach (long story) and it’s big bad Broadway

Joshua and Katee: No Air… because this was week number one and hip hop can be moving who knew

Mark and Chelsie: Bleeding Love… because Mark is crazy and dances in character like no other and Chelsie can really shake her hair

Brandon and Janette: Ruby Blue… because it made me like Wade on a gut level, and it made me pick Janette for the win (even though she didn’t)

Jason and Jeanine: If It Kills Me… because it’s Travis on the choreography and Jason Marz song, double love

My Favorite: Forever and ever…

Alison and Ivan: Why… because it made me fall in love with the show, that was it hook line and sinker, showcases the potential growth that a dancer can have.  Ivan was the biggest surprise ever.

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