I’m not at work

August 28, 2009

Well, I won’t have been anyway because it’s 7:50pm.  And I actually did go into work today for a going away celebration for two of my office mates.  One is moving to New Jersey to be with her boyfriend.  That’s great because we actually trained together and like 2 weeks after we started in the office, her long time friend was coming to visit from Crestview to see if they wanted to start dating.  Well anyway it’s nine months later, he got moved away in the Air Force, and now they are planning on getting married.

The other is the girl who had my same job.  After much drama, weird things with HR, passive-aggressive prospective supervisors, not to mention talks of lay offs and crying… she got a promotion to a Case Management position in the out patient department.

But anyway… I did not have to work today because I got a promotion too! WooHoo.  I stayed in the same department, but I had to switch over to the twelve hour shifts that inpatient staff does.  Yesterday was my one week of doing it.  So far so good.

I had much HR drama as well, and after seeing what my friend went through I’m convinced that the HR system is broken.  We both happened to reach our one year of experience at about the same time in June and put in for a promotion then after much encouragement from our supervisors.  (That’s always nice.)  At the time I applied for a transfer as well (as to avoid the 12 hour shifts)  but my friend wanted to stay were she was because our job was so low stress and she was starting grad school.  She could just pick some weekend shifts for some extra cash.   Well bottom line is that HR never got back to either of us.  We puzzled out that they were unsure as to how or if they were going to count my part time experience.  Her’s didn’t have her experience documented properly (even though she had work a year at the company.)  And there may have been some wrong position numbers (which you know came for the HR website, so that I just don’t get.)

Well time goes on and thing are not straightened out.  The positions for my out of department transfer are all filled up.  So I told my boss that I’d take the 12 shift that was opening up, if we can get the HR ok.  Well like the next day, we here that our positions are being eliminated and that the majority of what we did day to day would be transferred up to a clerical position.  At that point they said we could keep our jobs with a demoted title but no cut in pay.  Well that did not sound good to either of us and we let people know it.  I continued to pray for the HR ok, for the job that I was already doing and she put in applications for various other promotions, but was met with, “well we already have so many applications…”

Well luckily by the next week (magically when the person left the job and they needed shift coverage) and a matter-of-fact letter calculating out my full time equivalent experience for them, I was approved for the promotion.  And my friend was resigned to make the move to the clerical job.

Well things really got dicey when on Tuesday, the head of HR called her to say that, no they would not be letting her just move over, she would have to reapply and take a pay cut.  I mean really?  So she basically would have been laid off.  She sent up the application (because who want to be without a job) and got called to meet with the clerical supervisor.  And it did not go well, she was apparently none to pleased that we were not happy campers about a demotion and pay cut.  My friend asked if she would have a place to work on Monday, and was told that they’d be getting back to her on that.  Hence the crying.  Oh my gosh, I don’t know what I would do if it was me (which, you know, it almost was.)

So … happy ending after all… she got called to a mystery meeting on Wednesday afternoon.  She thought she was going to get fired.  But it turns out they wanted to interview her for a Case Management position.  And it went great, of course, because she’s been working for the company for a year and at the end of the day the called her to tell her she got the job.  So she gets a promotion and to keep her 8-5 job and doesn’t have to work with the crazy clerical supervisor.

And I have to go to work tomorrow, my first weekend shift: 7:30am-8pm Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I like it so far, the mid week breaks are kinda cool.  I have much more to do, and I feel more challenged.  I used to (this is not any exaggeration) listen to a 3 hour radio show and read (well scan) the updates on about 200 blogs everyday at work.  But I had to change when I listen and I picked out about 20 blogs that I will keep up with at off times.

But so far I feel a lot more useful and important, and it makes the time go faster.

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