Hair pin on steriods

February 3, 2009

scunci3These are the coolest things ever. I ran to Walgreens yesterday to pick up some bandaids for my chronic blisters, which are only made worse by stupid character shoes. (Too much information?) I thought I’d pick up some more bobby pins while I was there. You can never have enough when you are in a show. And these were on the shelf right there too. It said they were for “excessive amounts of hair.” Well if there was ever anything to describe my hair that’d be it. So I picked up a pack, but I was still a little skeptical. Many clips have come against my hair and failed. But I was wrong. These things really are like magic. I got all of my hair up in a reasonably 1913 style, and secure at that, using only nine pins. Plus they are brown plastic so they will blend in nicely on stage. Score one for me in the battle of the hair.

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