Overtime Adventures

December 4, 2008

So I got this new job and I thought I was going to be doing the job that Access Coordinator IIs do. But I’m an Access Coordinator I.  Which means I’m an NPR (New Patient Registration) specialist instead of an E&A (Evaluations and Admissions) specialist.  So I get to make appointments for outpatients all day, while the ACIIs get to see and process  the new inpatient clients.  I think the idea is that we all will kind of know what each other is up to so that we can be flexible answer eachother’s phones and stuff like that as necessary.  Oh and the other weirdness is that we don’t have a supervisor that’s directly in our department right now, she’ll start next week.  So right now we are reporting to the Vice President of Inpatient Services, crazy right?

So today the morning shift ACII didn’t show up. (I say morning but she really works from 7:30 to 8:00.)  So the problem came when it got to be 4:30 and everyone realized that the day shift counselor would be alone from 5 till 7:30.  So the VP came down and was frantically calling the scheduleing person and all the ACIIs to get someone to come in for those 2 and a half hours or even someone who’d been promoted from out of the department.  And she had no luck.  So I volunteered to stay and at least answer the phones and run insurance verifications until the night shift guy came.  So now I hopefully will have some extra credit plus 2 and a half hours of double pay. Woohoo.

And I actually had a good time. It was like being thrown head first into the fray.  I think that’s why I like Stage Management too, because it’s like a hundred little issues being thrown at you at once and you have to figure out what’s most pressing and what has to be put off.  So do I like it because it was novel or because it really was fun? Once I know all the answers it won’t be as challenging. Hum.

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