Illicit Blogging

November 24, 2008

I’ll have to check the employee handbook to see if blogging is permitted on duty.  MP3 players are not allowed so you never know.  Today’s my first full day of real work.   I sent the first three hours working straight through, but it’s been hit or miss since then, I spent about a third of the data doing data entry, a third of the day fielding appointment calls, and a third of the day hanging out waiting for the next thing to come in.  I have to take calls and determine whether the people who want appointments are qualified or not and basically follow up on all appointments.  That’s part one of my job.  Part two is being administrative help to the rest of the folks in the office.  And finally we heard today that we are going to be in charge of the insurance prescreening process for all inpatient clients.  And I think that’s why we’re over here in the psychiatric hospital… so that we can be in the know about client status and be the “how are you going to pay?” part of crisis patient intake.  Anyway… positives and negatives… just like anything else.

I think the key will be to be proactive about getting clinical experience.  The funny thing is my supervisor is the clinical person and she was telling me I was going to be doing like all data processing.  And then the data processing people came down today and told us how they really needed us to do clinical things that they couldn’t do.  Anyway, I think the bottom line is they took two positions (and four people assistant level people) and made one new position for two of us degree-d people.  And they still haven’t worked out the kinks.

Oh and here’s a thing.  The CEO came to welcome us on orrientation and I was introducing my self and he said “oh, I’ve heard about you.” Now since it was the first day I think that must be good, right?  He didn’t say that to anyone else.  But I have been know to missread a situation… infamous on the first day…sheesh.

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