Novel Adventures

November 11, 2008

Oh my gosh, whoa.  I was going on to to catch the episode of How I Met Your Mother that I missed last night and I saw the add to the new CBS online mini show called Novel Adventures presented by Saturn.  And boy is it ever presented by Saturn.  About ever other word is ” and that’s why I love the safety features of the Saturn Vue Hybrid.”  The main character is the wife of a Saturn dealer (who’da thunk.)  It’s completely cheesy.  Oh and in the latest episode Lizzie starts out by missing her friends in Boston, when her new friends of 2 weeks surprise her with a male stripper on the set of CSI:NY.  She says as she’s driving away in her…wait for it… Saturn Vue, that it was the best birthday of her entire life.  I just don’t get it.  They are obviously trying to to market to women (it’s about a woman’s book club) but it seems like it was written by male ad writers on a strict deadline.  Our lead, the one with the Saturns and the birthday, wears twin sets and buns, but do you know what her favorite music is?  50cent and The Vampire Club (or something like that.)  Oh and guess what the they’re doing next week… pole dancing lessons.

They say that product placement is going to take over advertising… with all the people being able to fast froward through commercials.  But if this is what it looks like were in trouble.

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