Erin’s Scary Adventure: A Dream Sequence

September 2, 2008

Boy I’m glad that I don’t use dream logic in real life, and who knows where all these convenient “plot devices,” as it were, come from. But let me tell you the story that came from my twisted subconscious.

I dreamed I was in a big city trying to hail a taxi I was with my friend Becky from college, my friend Shana from grad school, and get this… Hillary Clinton who was still a senator and had run for president, but was inexplicably my age (I think that’s unconstitutional, whatever.) We were on our way to some meeting together and were running really late. We tried a number of times but with no luck. So Shana went to the other side of the street, and left the rest of us to keep trying.

After she left this guy in this like really beat up black car that looked like it had been burned out pulled up to where we were. It was one of our ideas to ask the guy to give us a ride. He was wearing a business suit and looked really agitated. But he said that he would let us ride with him to his meeting a few blocks away and then we could have the car. (Why would he do this? whatever) So we said OK and planned to come back and pickup Shana.

So we got in and started driving. But then we just kept driving and driving. It was getting dark and we were starting to get worried. The guy continued to be agitated and was not talking to us. (I don’t know why it took us that long to get worried, whatever.) We were driving further into the country. Finally the guy pulls over in this field. And he told us that he was doing this because he didn’t like Republicans. I said that’s stupid because we are all Democrats and Hillary even ran for president (whatever.) I wasn’t very scared because the guy didn’t have any sort of weapon and we were in the middle of a field and he was obviously a lunatic. So I told the girls “I think the three of us can take him.”

We were all standing around the car when the guy told Becky that she had to go check the mailbox that was a few feet away. She did and he followed after her. Hillary and I started running away until we saw a set of town houses off in the distance. We started to got toward them and I stopped and said one of us need needed to stay with Becky. (Um, duh… I was obviously the brains of this operation, whatever.) So she turned back and I kept running toward the townhouse. There was one with it’s lights on. I thought my to myself I haven’t run this far since elementary school, but my adrenaline was going so I kept running.

I got there and knocked on the door and no one answered. So I tried the door and it was open. So I went on in and was screaming “hello hello.” This girl came into the room and I told her that my friends and I had been kidnapped and they were with the guy across the other side of the field and could I use the phone. She said sure and there were some security guards outside. I said, “Well, go get them.” So she left and I went to go find the phone.

Well apparently I forgot how to use the phone because I could not manage to dial 911. I finally figured it out that you needed to dial 9 first but I still kept misdialing. I was getting more and more frustrated when the girl came back in and said that my friends were coming. I said that I couldn’t get the phone to work. So she took it and I went outside.

There came Becky and Hillary and one other girl being carried across the field by three men and also some children were walking with them. I was so relieved that I was not weirded-out by “where did this other girl and the children come from?” And the fact that the girls were wearing peach and aqua satin gowns and the children were wearing all white. (Wow, whatever.) So we all walked in the townhouse and… That’s all I remember.

What happened to our lunatic? Was the phone finally bested? What’s up with the matching outfits? And what happened to poor Shana and the meeting we were going to?

Your ending is as good as mine.

One Response to “Erin’s Scary Adventure: A Dream Sequence”

  1. Hank Says:

    I sometimes have the same type of frustrating dream where I am trying to do something simple (dial a phone) and can’t manage. Sorry, must be hereditary!

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