Ten ways you know you are watching a movie from the mid nineties

August 30, 2008

  1. All cell phones are black and huge with a pull up antenna.
  2. The leading lady is sporting a “Rachael.”
  3. The “great” bridesmaids dresses are made of black velor.
  4. You think for a second that this movie might be from the eighties, but where’s all the neon?
  5. Paul Giamatti is playing a bell hop with one line.
  6. The story line involves an abortion and the girl goes through with it (that’s a downer but it’s true.)
  7. Wedding dresses with short sleeves.
  8. The laptop is two inches thick.
  9. The leading man looks like Paul Buchman from “Mad About You.”
  10. No bootcut jeans.

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