Be a Lady

August 3, 2008

We had our young adult beach retreat this weekend. I found my self faced with an interesting dilemma. We were playing board games in the living room and I kept finding ants crawling on me. Well by the end of the night one had managed to bite me on the back, upper thigh, above the hem of my shorts (not quite on my booty but close). Well we went on a walk on the beach later that night and my bug bite was getting pretty itchy. So it’s dark and there’s only flash light… but a lady can’t go scratching in public.

I seem to be one who gets caught doing socially questionable things, well often enough to be uncomfortable. And it got me wondering, “Do the other girls in my group have the same sorts of issues or am I just that special?” Or just females in general. I mean I was itchy. Did I have to go back to the house because I had a bug bite; would other people? Or maybe I am just too self conscious and nobody cares. I mean it’s not like I keep score on other people’s unladylike infractions (well except burping… I mean come on that’s gross.)

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