Fasting Follow-up

August 1, 2008

Today is the last day of the 40 Day Fast. Thanks again to the whole team at, for inspiring me last year and for selecting my baby blog to participate in this great event. It’s one of those things that takes so little effort (comparatively) and can really plant seeds in people’s hearts. Only God knows what great work is yet to be done. I loved reading everyone’s posts and following the links to the various charities; I feel so much more informed.

I did want to share a few thoughts about my fasting experience. When it got to be my turn to fast I got thinking about what the purpose of fasting is. I had to think back to my confirmation lessons (not sixth grade but just a few months ago when I helped teach confirmation, geez.) I eventually came up with it all on my own without having to go to the book. We cover fasting on the day we cover the “means of grace” (what is that? you may ask… that’s another day’s post.) So one of my confirmands asked me how long do you have to fast for it to count as a fast. I told him that the key was feeling hungry. Having that hungry feeling reminds us of two things. First we are reminded of Christ suffering for us, and how we can share in his suffering. In that way we can increase our devotion to him. (The students’ favorite answer to why we fast is so we can pray or study whenever we think that we want to eat. That’s part of it but it’s a little bit more too.) And second having that hungry feeling reminds us of our humanity and mortality. We are ultimately so frail. It reminds us that we are dependent on his providence.

I know that God is working on me on those two things… devotion and dependence, and I hope you too. When we are drawn closer to him, we can’t help but do his work. Blessings to all of you.

Update: My wordpress autolinks sent me to the blog of someone participating in the 100 day fast for Darfur. Check it out. There’s a lot of info and recent news on the website.

One Response to “Fasting Follow-up”

  1. Kristin Says:

    That is so true. It’s a good thing to ponder why we were fasting.

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