I love weird coincidences

July 23, 2008

So I was reading a post about “Secret Garden” the musical, and I remembered the 2001 reality show that I liked, “The IT Factor.” It followed a group of eight new and/or struggling actors as they auditioned for jobs in NYC and LA. The twist is that they all had to go through a rigorous audition process to be on the show, they had do have the “it” factor, get it. One of the people they featured was Daisy Eagan, who won a Tony for her role as Mary in “Secret Garden” but hadn’t had much success as an adult actor. So I went to look the people who had been on the show on IMDB to see if the show was right if these people really did have the “it” factor. Of the 16 actors over two seasons, three have reached some sort of star quality LisaRaye was one of the stars of the CW show that was created and produced by Will Smith. Godfrey became the “7up” guy right after the show and has success as an actor, stand-up comic, and on the “I love…” shows on Vh1. And one of the other girls has a supporting role on the show “Bones.” I think five of the actors show no more than two credits other than the reality show. The rest all appear to have steady work as guest stars on all sorts of shows and movies (which in the scheme of things it is pretty good to be able to support yourself as an actor.)

The weird coincidence… the episode of “House” that was on today guest stars one of the “it” factor actors as a drug addicted rock star. It’s a small world.

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