They are breaking my will to eat processed food; maybe I should thank them

July 19, 2008

I don’t know what it is about going to the grocery store with a short list. I always end up buying extra frivolous things. So I think that Oreo Cakesters have been around about a year. I haven’t had them until a few days ago. They were on sale, which is like my Kryptonite. So I sprung for a package, but I needed some milk to go with them. And then I would have extra milk so I got the bag of powdered doughnuts that were right there on the end cap.

Now it is not often that I am repulsed enough to throw food away. But those Oreo things and the doughnuts both went in the trash; I am obviously not a good impulse buyer. And this after the gross perogies. Plus to add insult to injury the cheese packet from the Light Deluxe M&C (that was actually on my list) was separated into orange chunks in oil.

Could it be that I am being sent a message?

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