Now for something completely different

July 15, 2008

Today I experiment with posting a video… I think it worked. And yes, I know this will have limited appeal but it’s fun for me and hey it’s my blog. Those of you who will not enjoy a hour long interview with Ashley Brown, Jonathan Groff, that guy from Jersey Boys (dang can’t remember his name), and another girl need not hit play. But I do, so there.

PS. I think Jonathan Groff is great, he laughs at everything, and looks like he’s about 16, he’s like too charming for words. I think he’s still in Spring Awakening last thing I heard. Wonder what he’ll be up to next.

So here’s the American Theatre Wing’s November 2007 Episode of “Working in Theatre”… The Next Generation

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update: When I took the time to look it up I found out that Jonathan Groff left the cast of “Spring Awakening” on May 18 of 2008 and will be starring in a revival of “Hair” which opens on July 22.

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