August no need to Rush

July 11, 2008

After exactly four months of sitting at the top of my queue, Netflix finally sent me “August Rush.” That’s a little ridiculous. If you want a new release you have to return your old one the weekend before the new one comes out. And if you miss that window you have to wait usually about a month. But four months, that’s a new low. And I really wanted to see it.

But now I have seen it and I have to say that it was very good. I think critics had mixed feelings. It’s like a fairy tale with lots of music. You all may know that I am a movie snob. There are certain movies that I will not watch at all (no creatures) and other ones that I know I won’t like. But this one had all of the elements for a favorite of mine. Kerry Russell is one of my favorites, and Irish people, and guitar music, and Robin Williams, and sappy romance, and child prodigies, and concerts in central park, and Alex O’Loughlin from Moonlight, and well you get it.

So I rated it 4 stars on Netflix which, in Erin rating scale, means I would see it again but not buy it. My critique is that it wasn’t fairytale-y enough. I wish they would have made the evil father more menacing, the love story a bigger part, etc. It’s syrupy sweet already, might-as-well go all the way.

The other movie I got this week in “Be Kind Rewind,” which was very cute in concept and satisfactory in execution. The main idea is that a video store employee erases all the tapes in the store and decides to remake them using a camcorder and the store’s customers as the cast. They call it “sweding.” On the website you can swede yourself onto a box cover. How cute. So enjoy my movie.

One Response to “August no need to Rush”

  1. Amy Says:

    I wonder if Blockbuster has a rule like that. I usually find it easier to get the new releases as opposed to older films.

    I loved August Rush. It was a long love letter to music. 🙂

    I have heard that Blockbuster is easier to get new releases on. Some people have two accounts. I think I’m sticking with Netflix because I get about 60 percent older movies and Netflix still has the better selection. -Erin

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