Triangle Hair

July 3, 2008

I’m not alone. I used to go into the salon and say “I get triangle hair, like the girl from Dilbert, you know? Can we thin it out or layer it or something?” Sometimes it worked other times not. I think the worst was when I went to Walmart in Lakeland to get my hair cut before graduation. The girl took the ends and like cut them on an angle. I guess that’s what she thought I meant by layers, but I think it just accentuated the triangleness (one of many reasons to boycott Walmart). And I thought I was the only one.

But on “Shear Genius” last night one of the contestants cut a girl’s super curly hair in two layers, short underneath and medium on top. One of the judges said “don’t you think that will grow into a pyramid when she gets outside?” The contestant was unconcerned but the judge was and so was I.

And my friend Nancy blogged about the fabulous experience that she had at Ouidad, a salon in NYC that specializes in cutting curly hair to avoid pyramid hair.

My hair is not as curly as Nancy’s or the TV girl, so I know there’s hope for me yet.

3 Responses to “Triangle Hair”

  1. Nancy Says:

    This is AMAZING! Thank you for the related post!

  2. […] own Ouidad cut, from the salon in Maryland. Still a little frizzy, probably thanks to the nonstop rain. Overall […]

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