Tales of a cheap girl

July 2, 2008

Speaking of Regency fashion… I’ve been going around looking a bit like a character out of an Austen novel with curls all around my face. That’s what 98 percent humidity will do to you I guess. It’s been raining nearly every day and looks to continue for at least the next week. No drought this year.

So since it’s been exquisitely comfortable at night (in the 60s and 70s,) and since my thermostat is tragically inaccurate and useless (I alternate between sweating and freezing) I have decided to go without AC for as long as I can stand it. I think I’m on day ten with a high temp for the week of 95 degrees. I know that it will get trying when we reach the 100s during the day and the nights get hotter. And I have definitely been getting the full use out of the box fan I bought when my AC was out in my old apartment. It really makes a huge difference. When we had a power outage last week during a major lightning storm I really missed it. And Sunday I woke up so cold that I had to turn it off… It’s a magical thing.

In other money saving news, I am shocked to realize that Albertson’s is more expensive than Publix. I always just assumed that since Publix is such a superior shopping experience that it must be more expensive. But I compared 7 separate items all of which were more expensive at Albertson’s. Now Albertson’s has a better selection of beverages than Publix and their cookies are the best but in all other ways including overall selection, Publix wins. The news is that Publix has bought Albertson’s so we’ll have to see how that pans out here in Tallahassee where we have both, many of which are just blocks away from each other. I say the more Publix’s the better.

2 Responses to “Tales of a cheap girl”

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  2. […] It’s getting harder to do though, who’ve thought it’d be hot in Florida in July. I think come August I’m turning the AC back on at least during the day and paying closer attention to the real temperature. It’s been an interesting experience, maybe a little stinky, but defiantly money saving. Posted in Thoughts | […]

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