June 27, 2008

I got to go swimming with the VBS aftercare kids. But we had a squirt gun crisis. The rules were laid out very clearly. You can only squirt other people who have squirt guns, and if you don’t want to be squirted then put down your squirt gun. Easy enough right? Well not for an eight year old.

This particular eight year old did not want to be squirted but nor did he want do give up his squirt gun. So copious yelling of “Don’t squirt me!” ensued. “Put down your squirt gun.” “No, I don’t want to.” …. “Don’t squirt me!” Us counselors finally just quit trying. Until he changed tactics, “It’s not fair, they are all squirting me.” “Look they are squirting each other too.” “NO they are not… It’s not fair.” I was at a lose because he kindda was right.

The eight year old solution was to hurl the squirt gun across the pool and start sobbing. I went over to sit by him because he was sitting chin deep on the steps and gasping between his alligator tears which I recognized as a drowning hazard (scary.) “This is why I hate teachers,” he said. “They never take my side.”

But you have to follow the rules. Was I supposed to jump in and tell the boys to stop? I am satisfied that no one drown. If the boy had not been screaming through the whole game maybe he wouldn’t have been the favorite target. You’ve got to choose your battles. He’ll learn.

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