Erin blogs about golf

June 26, 2008

The Buick Open started yesterday. Who cares, right? The commercials are all over (you won’t catch me watching ESPN outside of college football season.) They say “Can Rocco Mediate continue his hot streak?” (That is Rocco Mediate of recent second place US Open fame, as well as a FSC graduate.) Rocco lost to Tiger Woods, but he came heartbreakingly close to a upset victory. They say it was like David and Goliath. Everybody likes Tiger (what’s not to like) but it was good to see him have some competition. The world loves Rocco.

The thing is you can’t have a David without a Goliath. It’s just something about having something to clash with, someone big to come up against. You can’t be an underdog without a champion to beat.

Maybe Rocco will win the Buick Open, maybe not. But there won’t be anymore commercials. Not until Tiger comes back from surgery and they meet again.

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