Borrow a Baby

June 25, 2008

The premise is the teenage couples get to borrow some kids. One couple wants to get married, one was about to break up and one wants to have a baby now. And I presume that these are 18 year olds because it looks like they live with their parents. It sounded like a good idea for reality tv to me so I’m watching it. But wait… they also get a house of their own. So so far 30 minutes into the show we have seen about ten shot of the couples sleeping, arguing, cuddling, and yelling at each other… in bed together.

These are real live teenagers. You should see the fits they are throwing. They all have a nanny assigned to them. And the baby’s parents get to watch on closed circuit television. So one of the moms just came over because the baby wasn’t eating enough food and our teenager just gave her all sorts of attitude, “He just doesn’t want to eat.” Right, the baby doesn’t want to eat. So her boyfriend come back from the grocery store and she gives the baby to him and goes and pouts on the bed. “I’m not here to get bitched out, I’m not touching it again.”

Oh look in bed together again. Now I am not naive. I’m sure these teens have been in bed before. But who thinks this is a good idea. The whole point of the show is that they are not grown up yet. Do their parents care? It’s just wrong in so many ways. Go get a stinking babysitting job. We have enough playing like your married going on.

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