Dang Harry Potter

June 22, 2008

My car has many issues. It has been good to me so far so I can’t complain too loudly and we always said it only had to last five years. So only one more to go before it can really give up the ghost if if it wants to (hear that Honda.) But it’s been giving me some extra issues lately. It apparently leaks oil in like twenty places…looking at the road in front of my house will prove that. And I had to have the AC worked on and the oil pan replaced which cost me my tax refund.

One of the most annoying issues (granted not the most pressing) is the Harry Potter noise quit working. Let me explain… when the headlight alarm goes off my car used to make this cute little bell-like ding ding that reminds me of the theme music from the Harry Potter movies. So that’s the Harry Potter noise and now it doesn’t work. The root of this is the fact that my Honda doesn’t know that it’s driver’s side door is open, so things happen like the dome light doesn’t come on when you open the door.

I had become dependent on that Harry Potter noise. The Pontiac station wagon (my first car) that I drove a few months in high school, did not have a headlight warning alarm and it took me running down the battery a few times to learn the lesson. But I became dependent again. I usually remember to turn them off at night because you see that they are still on. But I still have to triple check on days when its raining… days like today.

But today when Harry left me hanging a good Samaritan helped me out. I came home from young adult group and parked my car and returned my trash barrel to the back of the house. Before I got back to the living room from the back door I heard a knock on the front. A guy riding by on a motorcycle had stopped, gotten off is bike and come up to my porch just to tell me that my lights were on. And plus it was just beginning to rain.

Doesn’t that rock… what a completely selfless thing to do. Thanks motorcycle dude.

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